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Fri Mar 27

But speaking of TV…

What a Grey’s Anatomy last night!!

Justin Chambers who plays Alex Karev rocked.  His girlfriend, the great Izzie Stephens, is dying…and he showed some serious acting.  I know, I know…it’s Grey’s Anatomy, not the best acting in the world, but he did really well.  I’m also glad they explained the Denny halucinations…that was too weird.

And who could forget the hottest sex scene ever!  Between Christina and Owen (red-head with PTSD).  WOAH…it was almost too hot for tv.  One of my friends who was watching it with me & Suz said, “This is like porn for girls!”  We even had to rewind it and watch it over again.

Finally, Meredith and Derek are FINALLY engaged.  And it happened on the elevator…where else! It seems like the show is back, after a season of stupid, cheesy plots and BAD acting.

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